Film Entertainment And “Movies”

Question? Whats the difference between a film and a movie. From research in many people would want to identify; is a film and movie is consider the same thing, but a film is represented as an english word and a movie which is contrary for most people is a form of american word that many families in this society places upon the word to indicate a creative picture in which mothers and fathers and even children uses to gather together to join in unity to have fun enjoy a lifetime with each other, and to get their point of views across and discuss what they think of the film or movie they watch was it interesting did it have action, romance, thriller etc.

But the importance of film and movies is to provide a sense of entertainment toward families, and to even create a bond that could bring people closer than before. Meanwhile as music film and movies is also a form of artistry that actors and actresses take upon themselves to betray the character they play, and to enlighten the audience with an outstanding performance of understanding the history and outake of what is truly the idea of bringing films and incredibles movies to its peek of sales in the box offices and toward production companies.

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