What Does Music Do for Me?

My question everyone is What does Music do to me?

Some possible scenarios on what music does to me could be:

  1. Being inspired, or to encourage other people that has the same passion that i have for music.
  2. I’m very excited and joyful when my favorite song or artist comes out with a new sopohmore album or studio album.
  3. Music keeps me relaxed and calm.
  4. I feels sometimes im on top of the world when times I don’t feel it.
  5. It allows me to shine a light on other people across the world or on today society, where their are no guidance or compassion for indivuals.
  6. Music makes me want to see more even though at times; i get caught in this little shell.
  7. Like me indiviuals that you see uses their experience by getting out a bad environment they was in before. I use music to share my testimony of the things i went through in life to help people most importantly.
  8. Music artist such as brandon heath, kirk franklin, chris tomlin they”ll have just made a huge impact not only in today generation but for me spirtually, emotionally, and physcially. But most important every song that they write is powerful and it sends a message out their to people that feels discourage at times or even feel depressed, after all just listen to these group of guys and their testimony is mindbolling.
  9. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cEFGr1S8SkA
  10. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8SPwT3nQZ

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